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Tips For Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga Class

1. Respect your Limits. Move slowly to a point where your muscles feel challenged, but remember to breathe! Never stretch to the point of pain.

2. Rinse off. Shower before a hot yoga class to remove any lotions or oils that will make your skin slippery. This way you get a nice grip during poses.

3. Dress for Class. No one is there to judge you, and no one looks his or her best when dripping in sweat, It's all about whats best for you. Wear tight-fitting clothes, as looser garments trap heat. Once drenched in sweat, fabric can feel heavy and clammy against your skin, moisture-wicking fabric will be helpful during class. Our men's hot yoga shorts and men's bikram yoga shorts are made to help you with the heat, sweat, and poses itself. 
4. Safety First. Decide if it's right for you. Do your research and see if the heat will cause any complications with any health issues you have. 

5. Listen to YOUR Body. Only you know how far you can comfortably push your body. Listen to those signs that your body offers you. Don't feel the need to "keep going" in a pose.


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